Google is rolling out a suite of tools to help news publishers drive more subscription revenue.


 Source: Search Engine Land

Most online news publications are not able to support themselves with advertising these days. For this reason, among others, Google is yielding to publisher requests and replacing its much-debated “First Click Free” program with what it calls “Flexible Sampling.”

Content and news publishers will now control whether and how many articles they want to let searchers access before showing a paywall or subscription prompt. The company is also working on an array of other tools to help boost publisher subscriptions.

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How Marriott Plans To Use Amazon Alexa To Improve The In-Room Experience For Guests – GeoMarketing

Source: By Lauryn Chamberlain - GeoMarketing

The hotel chain is exploring ways to improve customer service through voice — while working with Amazon to ensure absolute privacy.

Marriott is set to test out Amazon Alexa in a number of its hotel properties, Toni Stoeckl, global brand leader for lifestyle brands at Marriott, revealed in a panel at Advertising Week. The move is a bid to provide increased personalization and improved in room service for guests.

As voice-activated connected device usage has jumped 130 percent over the past year, brands have begun to explore how the technology can be used to drive engagement and improve customer service — and the hospitality industry is in many ways leading the charge.

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What Social Trends Are Marketers Paying Attention To?

Leading Social Media Trends that Will Have the Biggest Effect on Their 2018 Advertising and Marketing Strategy According to US Advertising and Marketing Executives (% of respondents)
Source: eMarketer - Rimma Kats

Many are looking at social messaging and video 

Social media is providing marketers with an ever-growing litany of media options beyond just display advertising. But which are the most important?

A new study from The Creative Group polled 400 US advertising and marketing executives, asking them which social media trends they expected to have the greatest effect on their advertising and marketing efforts in 2018.

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Twitter trials 280-character tweet limit


Source: BBC News

Social media site Twitter is trialing longer character limits to help users "easily express themselves".

Twitter currently limits tweets to 140 characters but has doubled that to 280 characters for a small group of users.

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The U.S. Laptop Ban Is Winding Down — Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report


Source:  Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report  - — Andrew Sheivachman, Senior Writer

Some good news for international business travelers: It looks like the initial laptop ban on flights from select Middle East and Africa airports to the U.S. is winding down.

Qatar Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Etihad Airways have been let off the hookafter instituting new security screening procedures as dictated by the U.S. A handful of other airlines and airports remain affected, but many of those are working on solutions.

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8 key steps for a successful Instagram takeover


Source: Marketing Land - Cley Williams

Thinking of asking a celebrity or industry leader to take over your Instagram account? Contributor Cley Williams shares 8 steps to help ensure it's a success.

Instagram takeovers are a great and mutually beneficial way for brands and influencers to work together.

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How to Protect Your Digital Self


Source; Wired

YOU CAN’T LOCK down all the things all the time—it’s the digital equivalent of hiding in a bunker. Build a personal protection plan that makes sense for you.

Look in the Mirror

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