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Solopreneurs Swear By These Tech Tools To Streamline & Get More Done


Source - Forbes

One of the toughest things about starting your own business is that period of time when it’s just you. You are the founder, the marketer, the publicist, the developer, the list goes on and on. And wearing that many hats becomes nearly impossible very quickly as your business grows. But with a growing headcount of 17.7 million independent workers, and a large percentage of them being solopreneurs, it’s clear that many are successfully making it happen.

I spoke to successful entrepreneurs to find out which technology tools, apps, and innovations help them do it all solo.

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How to stream music on a schedule with Alexa Routines


Source CNET.Com

Once limited, Alexa Routines can now control your home and stream music on a schedule.

A few months ago, Amazon rolled out one of the larger feature updates for Alexaspeakers to date: Routines. This lets you automate lights and other connected devices on a schedule, or lump multiple commands into one. "Alexa, good night" could be programmed to turn off smart bulbs around the house, lock the door, set a specific temperature and more, for example. Routines further cement Alexa as the brains of the smart home.

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