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Welcome to eSocial Reports, our daily roundup of social and digital news, marketing, and artificial intelligence.

There are now more than 6 PR pros for every journalist


Source: Muck Rack

It's not exactly breaking news to say the journalism industry -- and by extension media relations and PR -- are in a state of flux. However, new employment data from the US Department of Labor illustrates just how dramatically the media relations landscape has continued to shift.

As journalist Mike Rosenberg explained in a 2016 piece for Muck Rack, if you search terms like “journalism” or “reporter,” in a job search, you’re more likely to find a list of jobs that have virtually nothing to do with news or news production.

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Media vs. Facebook: This time it's personal


We at eSocial Reports are always looking for great articles that we can share with our readers.  Today, I am sharing an article by Scott Rosenberg - Axiom that Journalist and the media at large will find interesting.

Facebook and Google execs privately complain about the barrage of critical coverage they face, charging that media companies have a financial incentive to attack them and that media execs are settling scores. They're right.

Be smart: Outrage over Facebook's misuse of user data and failure to rein in election fraud is real. But the zeal that media outlets bring to their Facebook coverage is personal, too. It's turbocharged because journalists, individually and collectively, blame Facebook — along with other tech giants, like Google, and the internet itself — for seducing their readers, impoverishing their employers, and killing off their jobs.

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