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Solopreneurs Swear By These Tech Tools To Streamline & Get More Done


Source - Forbes

One of the toughest things about starting your own business is that period of time when it’s just you. You are the founder, the marketer, the publicist, the developer, the list goes on and on. And wearing that many hats becomes nearly impossible very quickly as your business grows. But with a growing headcount of 17.7 million independent workers, and a large percentage of them being solopreneurs, it’s clear that many are successfully making it happen.

I spoke to successful entrepreneurs to find out which technology tools, apps, and innovations help them do it all solo.

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Facebook bans an app once used by 4M people, suspends 200 more


Source - Marketing Land

Facebook says it is notifying those who shared information with the myPersonality app, which was mostly active before 2012.

Facebook has banned another app on its platform since announcing in March it had banned Cambridge Analytica for misusing user data via the ThisIsYourDigitalLife app.

The myPersonality app banned by Facebook was active prior to 2012, according to the company, and was used by approximately 4 million people. This is the first app Facebook has banned since it started its app investigation following the Cambridge Analytica crisis.

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House and Senate put Zuckerberg on notice: ‘You are the right person to testify before Congress’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has issued a formal response to the reports that Cambridge Analytica misused customer data collected from Facebook, and the platform is making some changes.
  • Source: Devin Coldewey - Techcrunch 

Facebook  CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been rather scarce lately, despite a host of woes besetting his company — but Wednesday he emerged from his cocoon to offer a limp apology, admit they had no control over data like that used by Cambridge Analytica, and that he “will happily” testify before Congress if he’s the right person to do so.

Well, Congress has taken him at his word. “You are the right person to testify before Congress,” wrote the leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in a letter detailed early this morning. His capacity as CEO and “the employee who has been the leader of Facebook through all the key strategic decisions since its launch” make him the best person to testify.

Earlier this week Senators Klobuchar (D-MN) and Kennedy (R-LA) from the Senate Judiciary Committee specifically asked for Zuckerberg as well.

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