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What Social Trends Are Marketers Paying Attention To?

Leading Social Media Trends that Will Have the Biggest Effect on Their 2018 Advertising and Marketing Strategy According to US Advertising and Marketing Executives (% of respondents)

Source: eMarketer - Rimma Kats

Many are looking at social messaging and video 

Social media is providing marketers with an ever-growing litany of media options beyond just display advertising. But which are the most important?

A new study from The Creative Group polled 400 US advertising and marketing executives, asking them which social media trends they expected to have the greatest effect on their advertising and marketing efforts in 2018.

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8 key steps for a successful Instagram takeover


Source: Marketing Land - 

Thinking of asking a celebrity or industry leader to take over your Instagram account? Contributor Cley Williams shares 8 steps to help ensure it's a success.

Instagram takeovers are a great and mutually beneficial way for brands and influencers to work together.

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